Hello wannabe writer here …


I have a need to write, but it’s not enough to fuel a professional drive. Its sort of a love hate relationship inside me. To be honest, I enjoy daydreams more than actual process of writing, because the craft of storytelling is a lot of work. I’m lazy or afraid, probably both.

For a year I did a lot of web research on writing. The year flew by without me even realizing I was reading article upon article of the same information and advice. I wasn’t writing at all.

I spent years writing bits and pieces of  stories. Its difficult for me to finish anything. My mental health has probably been a factor to my lack of motivation, but I got to keep on moving forward: To the great unknown.

I would love to write a complete story. I know it won’t be easy, especially, for someone like me.

Well, I guess, It’s time to write some words that will hopefully become a story

Bye –